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1Day Basic therapy₹800.00
Duration: 1 month

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BASIC ANTI STAMMERING PSYCHO THERAPY This is the cheapest and very good therapy, if you want to start your treatment in a very low expenses, it is very good for you. By watching very half-in -complete video in social media, you are confused, and you do not know the systematic path, you will get a proportional way in this treatment, what to do, what to do with the start, what to do How much time is to be done, it is great for students and young children, it does not need to come to maihar , first of all you need to send a 5-minute voice record, discuss your problem. Basic therapy is prepared according to the your problem Therapy name ---Basic Anti stammering Psycho therapy Material detail ---- Practical audio 1-Duration -290 min and video 90 min 2-Language--- Hindi 3-Prize -800/ 4-Live therapy--30 min 5-soft copy of practice book Whatsaap support - one month, You can extend unlimited by pat 500/month ​

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